mini haul

i planned buying more than this like going to Watsons and buying a shirt but the mall was nuts, sea of people SM Megamall Sunday, i could not shop like that for too long so i just escaped from the crowd =P

Lets see if Happy Teatime can help me with my breakouts, was not able to bring my etude card oh well.

im going to try elf pencil hmm its P129 pesos i think this is suppose to be a dollar only hmf! P129 is more than twice the original price and this is also one of the reasons why i dont like purchasing elf.

Shawill Pencil Liner in white also eyelash curler (my first eyelash curler ahahha) im just so afraid that those curlers might cut my lashes. My Grandma cut off my mom lashes while she was asleep, my mom was only 12 back then, grandma thought it will grow back and longer but it did not :( and thats why i dont use curlers, im afraid my lashes might cut off

Switched back to Dove, Nivea Soaps are not that creamy and its just not appealing to me 

Love the notebooks lolz

Whats Next?
Tomorrow i scheduled 3 posts
-panda thinggy
-forever 21 mirror
-benefit posie tint review

i hope you gals had a great weekend :) and lovely Monday ^^ ja ne~
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