Nanbantei Japanese Grill in Greenbelt! ikuzohhh!

Shrimp below on the upper right its Eel nah i didnt try it..
i think the way of skinning an eel alive is cruel >.< anyway not in the mood for eel.
The prices you see above are in Philippine Pesos. the P195 / $4-5 for example is 2 sticks

Japanese and English text..oishii sooo~

part 2...eikooozoooh!!!

advice: dont order the onigiri


unintentional small eyes :))

the place, u can see the Grill and the cooks

We ordered a ton! i literally lost count of sticks :)) ahahaa superrr fat belly after eating everything up, and only 1 rice. it will prolly cost P500-P1000 per person, depending on your orders. The place is "Feel at Home" and we had a good time dining in. the staff are so friendly. We spent P1,700 for 2 i think lolz pigging out i say XD

When we got there by 7pm or 8pm i think it was full, i told the Lady to reserve a table for us and call my mobile phone when a table is free since she said it will take 20-30min, but she called like 10min after lolz and i was planing to play on the Arcade a little but oppsss hehe

They offer Platters and Sets from P820-P1200, we didnt order a platter since we dont eat pork, theres the Seafood Platter though..but i want some meat so we ordered everything one by one process lolz

Sashimi, Sushi, and Desserts such as Green Tea and Vanilla Ice Cream, Coffe Jelly, and some other interesting picks.

yakitori NANBANTEI of tokyo
3/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati
757-4130 to 31

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