Spongbob Halloween and Choco Overload

its Halloween Time! :D Spongebob as Frankenstein is what i got from the 4 designs

The KFC Chicken Bucket is spongebob wearing pumpkin head gear design which i think is very cute and it has a handle and i think kids can use this as a trick or treat bucket ;)

4 Thumblers in Designs:
- Spongebob as Vampire
- Spongebob as Frankenstein 

- Patrick as an Egyptian Mummy
- the Beaver forgot her name as a Pirate

i call this "the chocolate wave" XD

Red Ribbon Chocolate Overload Cake, or whatever the name was hehe

in my opinion this cake is way too sweet for me specially the icing but i did had  abite or two from the sponge part of it

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