Car Show at MOA/Mall of Asia 29.10.11

on the same day i went to Majolica Majolica Event, coincidentally they were having a car show :) yay! FUN!

This thing is Monster Speaker not a Car! lol XD

Mr Bean <3 find teddy


gosh what a lovely view of machines! =P

Me with Suzy

nice! but the color is too bright i want it black =)

my favorite!

i wish i peeked in the sitting area lol but im too shy :">

Mah Rims bitches!! aahahaha i wish!

this is a trend in japan i forgot the term but i watched it on kawaii.i youtube

Bumblebee Transformers, find the tiny car model
i look seriously different here because of the "agains the light" picture tsk tsk!

the piano is fake! it was just a display for the stereo i think

cute adventure car, gurly color

its been a while since i last visited a car show, i think last time was last year? im not sure but i have been in 3-4 of them! ill post the old car show pics when i get the chance :)
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