Love Forever Korean Princess Pen and Rillakuma Folder

Hey how yall doing? its Friday :D yay!!

[My laptop problem issue its ok if u Dont Read this its a long post anyway hehe]
Anyway my laptop is better now, i can use it but it is still somewhat broken so i think i need to take it to CyberZone or something soon...i had to format the laptop and i even toke out the Hard Disk and placed it to an external Case bought from cd-r king, when you get a blue screen on your laptop or desk top, some file is corrupted with your OS/Operating System aka Windows 7 and so on, if this happens its easy back up and reformat. However my laptop did not show any blue screen, whatever you press it wont work. i cant access even the BIOS or main menu in order to reformat it, so i toke out the hard disk, i even cleaned the Memory Hardware DDR if you know what i mean, i disassembled my own laptop, i used to fix my desktop on my own since i got in college as a Computer Science student.  my laptop problem is not an Operating System corrupted file but its with the motherboard...shocks! i hope to result this.

Back to kawaii things...lolz

Korrilakuma kawaii neh?

Korillakuma = the white one, i like her more hehe

the ballpen i got for P60 i think or P80
somewhere at Megamall near Toy Kingdom, Watsons, and Mexicali the area is the most corner of 2nd floor i think? aint sure hehe

plastic folder wah kawaii korrilakuma with pink sleeping hat thinggy 

Past Photos of my Kawaii Rillakuma and Korillakuma  things

Pocky addiction!

Last Summer :3

Hi mommy

Tofu Chan and more Rillakuma <3

Toast anyone? ;)

messy me
i do bring them out sometimes hehehe

Cina Chan in Etude House

My sister Zai Collection

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