walking around Blued,Lego, retro, and tofu

SM North Edsa

the xtmas tree, though my family dnt celebr8 xtmas thought
it was kinda cool
Eiffel Tower

Close Up
Too Bad i didnt had the time to look closely more, was on a hurry hehe 

American Boulevard Store

another retro player awww reminds me of Johnny Rockets

Doraemon? no wait! its a kuma/bear in disguise =P

reminds me of Jeff Dunham

fried tofu cravings...this was at MOA
When i went to Trinoma and SM NE had 5pm dinner at Kangaroo Jack (ill post about it soon)

some event at Trinoma

Did not had the chance to go inside =P

anyway this day was my 11.11.11

i went to TLJ/tous les jours and shopped a little at Tony Moly out of curiosity for Pepero day lolz, also accompanied someone to buy new shoes at the Dept. Store and bought few snacks like Pocky and Popping Candy? =P

Super late posts because my laptop is broken :( but it will be fully fixed soon..i hope hehe
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