December Haul (2)


from  of, thank you so  much gurl, i was going to buy a sleek palette and now that i have this one, ill just try it and if ever i need more colors ill buy a 2nd palette

 Sleek Divine Palette Nude Collection Au Natural
 Pink Kabuki Brush
 Nyx Round Lipstick in Louisiana 
 Body Recipe hair remover cream (she sent me this one as an extra) aw thankies

i just want to say thank you so much girl! you made my day ;) Check her blog, she have great reviews and does Youtube, her latest is holiday makeup post

MAC Lipstick and Dolly Mix Blush on, Lip Liner Chesnut. Benefit BADgal liner

Mac Viva Glam (cyndi lauper edition) -Riveting Rose
I want to try a purple lipstick or mix it with a red one to look Vampire-ish

The Skin Food Samples i got, all thanks to  of
i will think of a way to use this in my skin routine but i have to read about it first :)

Anyway back to Tony Moly
 Fruit Lipgloss (bought it because its so cute)
 2 way lip liner (my 1st lip liner is this and the mac)

 Vitamin Essence Mask
 Cute Pen (i gotta admit i reached P600 because i want the pen, i collect pens..darn)

Prizes from Tony Moly Facebook "Buzziest Elves"
 Dear Me BB Cream 30g
 Berry Lovley Heart Lip Palette 

Thank you so  much Tony Moly, thank you for the early christmas gift, the staff are really super nice both SM NE and SM Mega branch :)

Jewelry box, the design is so my type! ill post about this store soon :D

its around P400-500 pesos (the texture of this is not a paper box but a soft box)

its not a catholic or christian cross..its a Vampire Hunter cross lolz :))
i also own an Egyptian Pendant Cross. i cant wear the religious ones.

Tapout shirt for P300 from SM dept store..its for someone else =P
im against "Jacob" or werewolves, its not that im "team Edward"..i just dont like werewolves, i like wolves though, and vampires alot!
but the drawing/art is what i like about this shirt.

i actually have no idea what to buy, since im a person who is not fan of collecting so much makeup, i only buy what i will surely use or really want. i have everything i need in terms of makeup. maybe your needs are different than mine coz "different girls, different needs". The result of having everything i need is..i dont have anything on my buying list in terms of makeup. i need a new hobby next year prolly lolz all my craze dont last so long..
i need to buy new pair of pants, etc.

Finally some combs..mirror for my desk beside me. and again i ran out of time to shop..was not able to shop for pants, etc. 

whew! what a long post..anyway i hope u gals are having a nice time this holiday, im still hoping i can get some "Puto bongbong" :P

ja ne ^____^ 
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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