Experience Authentic Japanese Food with Yabu: The House of Katsu

Yabu is the first and only authentic Japanese katsu restaurant in the Philippines

Yokuzu minnah, sore wa mada nihon resto, watashi chottoh..eiii..honto ni nihon food dai ski dakara...anyway i hope you enjoy this blog entry, gomene if my jap is kinda not perfect yet..

Ive seen posts by bloggers, three of them already, as soon as i saw the first post, i swore i will visit it. im really passionate about food and Japan culture. I love anime and the theme it self just blew me, along with how authentic this food is

      The Katsu Master       

Chef Kazuya Takeda is Yabu's expert consultant. His the head chef of Tonkatsu Takeshin, a popular tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo.

      About the Katsu      

Fresh and imported meat used in preparing the best Katsu, if your worried about the oil content of the Katsu, they use Canola oil which contains omega 3 and has zero trans fat and zero cholesterol , it keeps the breading crisp and meat flavored without the cloying after taste.

      The Menu      

Pls Do Click on Photos to Enlarge 

The wall, i love the drawings so much, it inspires me somehow :)

Sake! sake hoshii! demo..dame desyoh..i cant..muri muri!

i bought the 180g P325

im thinking of having this one next time, ebi tabetai :D

Ebi Oishiii soooh~

        Lets Dig in       

love how the chilli and pepper imported from Japan,
the salt is in the piggie pot..kawaii desho?
The white sauce taste a bit like peanut-ish
the Black or Brown sauce is a little sour, you can try both  :)

was not able to Grind it, the waiter prepared it for me already..
although i did not ask for him too, it was a kind gesture  ;)
this is the usual sweet sauce used in Katsu, its the one from the most left pot

i Love everything! :D Steki no uhmm ano..plates?
wakaranai yoh..mohh..yada..lolz

saucing it in ;)

My set! Chicken Katsu Desu-wa~  (insert evil anime girly laugh) *oh oh ohh!*
Complete set with rice, miso soup, unlimited cabbage, fruits, japanese pickles,
and ocha "green tea" i think..i started drinking Green Tea last week, thats why
im kind of used to it, it has no sugar which is ok with me, i dont like my tea sweet

Subarashii Presentation..kampekei!

chilli all over my Katsu, the chilli is not that hot (at least to me)

 The Other Dish: Chicken Curry

i love how the curry was! i recommend it to people who love curry!

Unfortunately i couldn't taste the chicken :)) i have a cold and something in my tongue went numb. maybe the chicken meat was boiled? no idea..my taste buds were somehow absent. im excited if they will come up with new ideas and dishes in the future ;)


***The Yellow Pickles that comes with your Cucumber***
Takuan (沢庵?), also known as takuwan or takuan-zuke, is a popular traditional Japanese pickle. It is made from daikon radish. In addition to being served alongside other types of tsukemono in traditional Japanese cuisine, takuan is also enjoyed at the end of meals as it is thought to aiddigestion. (from http://en.wikipedia.org)

*** The Artist of the Drawings ***
Gallery 7 Digital Studio

       My Thoughts      

Min P300 per person, i suggest bringing P400-P500 per person

The place was really neat and clean, the place is a little bit not decorated yet, really simple. im sure in the future they will give the place some "umph"

they were very friendly, super friendly, fast service! 5-10 minutes and my order is ready!
oh i went yesterday around 8pm it was crowded, we were for waiting about 10-15minutes i think, Yabu is so popular!

The Food
The crisp is heavenly! complete set, amazing katsu, lots of side dish, love love! 



must try place!

ja ne..
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