My Updated Skin Routine: Oily Acne Prone Skin


I use to think that i dont need a toner, just because a youtuber said so..but i really felt i needed one to get rid of excess dirt, to really clean off i bough Nivea Visage toner.

I figured also that my skin was somehow better when i was using "Kojic Soap" but it was too drying for me. i stopped using Kojic Soap mid this year. i found out about Orange peel & Gluta soap from Thiamere. its less drying than Kojic Soap and also less hurtful.

After using these two together, in 1 week my sisters started to notice my skin changes (i have a break out, chin area) and it started to clear. Actually the break out was bad 2 months or a month ago, bought St Ives Acne Gel Cleanser, it helped in stopping the cystic pimples! big help indeed. but left small pimples and red spots. Now im flawless..almost hehe because of 2 new zits argh. but my skin is sooo much better!

Tony Moly Lemon Seed helped easing the rest but it did not totally clear it, but this is the best out of all the korean facial cleansers that i tried. others are too mild or too harsh, this one is perfect for my skin.

I use to wash my face with facial wash every 3hours, which is crazy and caused my skin to oil more..and the breakout, also caused by aloe i think.

I thought because i have oily skin, i dont need Moisturizers, i was wrong! i need to balance the needs of my skin..not too dry or too moisturized.

i only wash my face twice a day or thrice. if it gets oily, i use oil control sheets.


1. wash with Orange Peel soap
2. wash with Tony Moly Lemon Seed
3. use Nivea Visage Toner

1. wash with Orange Peel soap
2. wash with Tony Moly Lemon Seed
3. use Nivea Visage Toner
4. use Nivea Q10 eye cream
5. use Nivea Q10 night cream

6. use Nivea cream on elbows

Every other day
-i exfoliate using St Ives apricot scrub
-i use Skinfood rice wash off mask (M,W,F)
Saturday or Sunday
-i exfoliate using St Ives apricot scrub
-i use any other mask (paper mask) i have but i rarely do this..lazy hehe

Tip: Always remember to wash gently! its not the pressure that makes the stuff work, its the product. if your harsh on your skin it will irritate it. also the product might get rubbed and not applied properly on your skin.

Tip: Do your routine. i used to go to derma but after that i dont use anything but soap and my skin come backs to its not so well state then i have to go to derma again.

Tip: exfoliating before putting on a mask helps, also having  a mask after bath is the best time to do it.


im looking for a zit and cystic pimple remover, because of the sleepless nights and food i had this holidays, i gained two! yes two! not one but two cystic pimples..darn. and my break out is starting to come back slowly.

maybe ill try mario badescu Over night Lotion..but its too far from my place or a spot remover. if you girls can suggest anything pls comment below :) 

i want to try a Moisturizer with collagen, i had a sample from etude, its called Moistfull Collagen, and loved it! i think i should purchase the full size but its kinda pricey
Whats your favorite oil free moisturizer?

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