Fake it! Models Own Beetle Juice

sorry for the blurry photo 
What i did

1. Colored my nails Deep Blue (1 coat)

2. After the blue i painted 1 coat or 2 with Red purple polish

Result (First Photo Above)
The combination of colors resulted to Elf Royal Purple (Even Better) its like Models Own Beetle Juice effect, where the color looks deep purple but somewhat blue (only without the little shimmers) but ifyour nail has tiny shimmers i think this will be lovely

ELF Royal Purple

Next time
i want to try (light violet color and Elf Royal) just to see the result
i also want to try White color - then any light nail polish color like yellow or orange im sure the color will pop out  more than usual :) 

i haven't tried to mix two colors in onr pot then color my nails, i dont know it might be more messy hmmm..i wonder if anyone did this before?

Why the hassle? 
its fun, creative, and saves up some money ;) Elf in my place is not a dollar its $3 each item or more, and Models Own is not sold anywhere near my place. combining colors can be fun ^^ 

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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