High Way Accident 1.12.12 Near My Home!

Photo from Jerwin Alamodin Facebook page

The Accident: Warning Pls dont read this if your sensitive

Yesterday in Philippines a horrible accident happened in Tikling "The killer High Way" yup! thats near our home, the truck which killed 5 people as far as i know and injured Elementary students. The victims included were the Driver, a pregnant woman which is in the hospital right now; survived i think. The 17yr old boy, his photo was shocking! and much more shocking is the little elementary boy, his head was cut off! i saw the photo but i did not enlarge it, i couldn't take it!

But before knowing all the details here is what happened. Really near my place between 11am - 12 noon, and without clear details, hearing that most of the victims were students and lots of people were dead and injured, it was traumatic!

My two sisters went out 10-11am, they commute to school, my High School sister the youngest and my 2nd to the youngest sis 2nd yr College. My sis Tim which is 4th yr college does not have a class yesterday, she went out to buy us lunch and then heard about the news, she immediately called my two sisters, my mom sent her a text too. When she returned home my quiet day turn into a "high blood" mania!

My College sis answered the call but my youngest sister is not picking up! we told mom that my sis is not picking up her phone, during that time mom was on her way to the accident area and to my sister school, after the longest 30-40min of my life trying to call my sis, she finally answered her phone! Thank God! i wasn't able to eat my lunch till after she answered the call and said she is safe. after an hour facebook photos everywhere of the incident.

This made me feel how important life is and how easy it can be taken away, what if something happened to my sisters? what if..what if...it made me think deep. GOD im so so thankful, i almost had a heart attack yesterday. Lesson learned: Be thankful enough just for being alive and your family is safe, there is nothing more important than that. And always be careful..all the time.

Below is the video, see how fast the truck and smashed to the wall, a person was almost blown by the strong force of the truck smashing into the wall. The walking people disappeared right? they were some of the victims trying to cross the street. if the truck was able to hit a Jeep or a car it would have been more tragic. those vehicles were just seconds away from hitting the truck. What happened to the motorcycle here is just so heartbreaking..

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