Sandglass of fate

Used Cosmetics

Tony Moly  Dear Me BB Cream
im going to review this in the future

MAC Eyeshadow Black
i just added it after the eyeliner to add some sparkles but it was kinda a bad idea because i was on a hurry i wasnt able to do it right. in the end of the day i was tired and rested on my bed for a minute, my eyes got teary (yawning) some powder dust i think mixed up with the tear and i was lying in bed so the tears wont fall out unless i sit down lolz it kinda hurts. Next time ill brush off the excess eyeshadow bad

Benefit BADgal pencil

EOS strawberry

Tony tint in cherry pink

MAC Dollymix
i have to hit pan with my other blushies before i can buy new ones sigh..

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