Starbucks and malling with my sisters

Fatima big smile, zainab eyes closed :))
Left: lol amina what is that expression?
Right: Fatima pops up in every photo ahaha!
We love Phineas and Ferb <3

at the counter, were almost done shopping :D


Left: Zainab Sims mode: Flerg!
Right: Fatima Sims mode: Wakazim?!

Emo and Mori Girl
in case you want to see me? i dont look happy with my drink hehe
i usually order choco java chip or choco chip
the 5th person is a guest :P

I was brave enough that day to try Green Tea...yapari yabai..
i wont buy anything else again like this anymore @_@
its my name in arabic ;) if u gals are wondering hehe

this was taken last December Holiday lolz
Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone ^____^

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