Year of the Dragon! + Kawaii Japanese Dog Hatchiko kuno + My Status

Hey Gals tomorrow is a Holiday! Year of the Dragon which is my year of birth is coming :D

found it on google search
Kung Hei Fat Choi ^___^ 

at Megamall this Thursday
ive been busy with my sick sisters THEY HAVE CHICKEN POX! three of them..sighs
im even wearing a protective mask inside my house and not making so much contact physically. im locked inside my room O_O ughhh i guess the vaccine effect wear off..

Anyway Watch this cute puppy that looks like Hatchiko, his so adorable! ive seen him like weeks ago ^^

amz mood

worried - because i need to get my hair somewhat dyed, just a little color will do, i cant dye bold colors yet (work application)

Excited - im going somewhere this the beach! oh mah gawd finally!

♥ quote of the day 

-some girl said Disney tricked her, there is no such thing as a prince charming. She is wrong! She forgot the lead ladies.."if You want a Prince Charming, you should have at least a Princess heart". Funny thing is the girl who said it was wearing almost nothing holding an alcohol in a party.

-Sitting and Facebook will make you feel gloomy. go out there! do something! RAWR!


Kdrama - Your beautiful (finished it) i first watched the jap version..the Korean is way better
im glad i watched the jap first, coz if i watched the korean then the jap ill be so disappointed with the jap version..the jap version is not bad but the korean is just better.

Heart Strings (watching currently ep 10)

listening to
Black Lagoon Opening Song Red Fraction
Breathless by Shayne Ward (used in "your beautiful" Kdrama

Whats Next?
im going to post some makeup reviews and some foodies, i got the chance to visit Bon Chon Megamall :">

i missed blogging T^T
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