11 Questions Tag woot woot! ;D

i was tagged by Val of http://thedollprincess.blogspot.com Thank You dear <3
i will try to post makeup related stuffs soon, i just found my camera charger lolz, i dont go out often so i dont wear makeup so much, ill try to swatch them at home, i work at home so its really kinda hectic with work and three kids or sisters to take care of >__<

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11 Questions For Me to Answer
1. What is your favorite body lotion?
Vaseline Coconut and Vitamin E, it helped my red stretch marks fade and its really hydrating and the smell is lovely

2. If you were given a choice to change your career, what would it be?
Food Critique, Marine Biologist, Photographer for Nature and underwater, Master Diver is that a career? ahehe its a hobby hehehe
my current career is home based business and im a freelance Graphic Designer but have not been active due to busy business, i used to work full time Graphics Designer at makati back then.

3. What is your favorite Korean brand?
Tony Moly the stuff works and Etude House coz its cute, i haven't tried Laneige, Nature republic and the faceshop 

4. What eye color is the prettiest for you?
green :)

5. What Etude House item is you favorite?
Black2 volume Mascara <3

6. What exotic food would you be willing to try out?
rabbit meat, bear meat, shark meat which i think i had it before
i tried: lamb, goat, duck but i think those r usuals

7. What is your greatest fear?
loosing someone special, family member, close friend...

8. What is your fave lip stick?
Nyx matte cream San paulo

9. What would you rather have, a person who loves you so much, or a person that you love so much?
person who i love :P

10. What is your signature scent?
incanto heaven, D&G light blue, used to be cool water davidoff..im looking for something new

11. What is your HG lip balm? 
eos and nivea

Here are the 11 questions I've created:
1. What is your favorite look/style?
2. Your Celebrity fashionista inspiration?
3. What is your favorite Korean brand and favorite product?
4What is your favorite US brand and favorite product?
5What is your favorite UK brand and favorite product?
6. What is the most challenging thing you've ever done so far?
7. What is your secret/tips for perfect skin?
8. What is your fave brush brand and specific brush?
9. Who is your favorite blogger? Youtube Guru? Random Youtube channel?
10. Favorite animal?
11. What do you watch on TV? fave series and movie? what movie do you recommend that just came out? :P

im tagging Everyone! anyone who wants to answer just leave a comment of your link below and ill read the answers hehe  ^______^
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