Bon Chon: korean fastfood

Last week i went to the popular eatery, it was dinner time 7-8pm and the place was fully packed! so i told the staff to reserve us some seats then text/call us if its our turn (what i usually do lolz)

Located at SM Megamall near Bread Talk

P150-200 per person

Simple and clean with some modern designs

The manager is so nice and the staff were nice too

The Food
The Chicken is a must! the Bulgogi i ordered, it kinda tasted like longanisa (i first typed langonesa) mah gosh my tagalog is still slang somehow, i dont like sweetened food but if you like longanisa youll probably like their bulgogi. i recommend the CHICKEN! this place is well known because of the Chicken, wah i want some right now..drools~

Coming Soon: ill post what we had at boracay to eat this friday-monday

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