Boracay Philippines (part 1): Walk with me ♥

i think this photo hmm i toke it when we were walking to the place that were going to stay in,..
as you can see that green board signage is written in korean, i think its shakeys menu in korean? im not sure i should have asked "ah ram", she is my new korean friend ^__^

The place we stayed in, but the exact place is Sanders White i think, we were just walk in's...the other resorts/rooms were fully booked so no choice here, but the place was not that great but it was ok for its price i guess..(more details below)

The view from our balcony, we stayed like in the 3rd floor...omg right? long stairs..but honestly it was ok with me because of this view, it feels like im in a province, there is no beach view from here, just this "Kubo" aka Native Filipino Homes, i posted this photo online and one of my friends thought i was in the province. i love then plants on the wire

Oh its funny because when i woke up in the morning i heard a loud sound, i thought it was construction..when i looked outside..on the right side there was an empty lot and a guy was practicing mixed martial arts, hitting a boxing bag..Go Kooyahh! =P 

i love that club at the right, ultra violet party lights and the surf art display is cute

Some souvenirs and things you can buy like shorts, swim wear, cover ups, accessories, cool shirt designs, etc

really cool but they are too huge for my bag

paris <3 oh btw i forgot to tell you lads that i walk barefooted, all the way from outside the resort to the entrance of d*mall..i just walk in the main street and it feels so good, the white sand is cooling, i hate wearing step-ins thats why im walking barefooted. Dont worry i did not get any scratches or anything, i was also afraid that some glass will injure me but the sand was so clean.

d* mall (the shopping center of Boracay)
Lets take a tour inside shall we :)

Mohammad Souvenir shop, there are also muslims in Boracay

fancy swim wears

want a HUGE Angry Bird? hehe
anyway the step-ins cost about $2+ or P100 pesos, those 50 pesos in a box are just old ones..i think instead of throwing it away they decided to put in on sale for less

Bright flowery accessories

The owner of this restaurant on the left is Scotlandish if im not mistaken, its written on the free Guide Book that i got from Kalibo Airport, it came with some discount coupons and maps

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Planning a wedding on Boracay? let them handle it ;) this shop is so cute, i couldnt resist to take a photo

i bought some crepe coz i was craving for it, ill do a separate post about this

Little cute Yellow Cab, there is also seats on the other side of the main road for YC, we had our early dinner on the 2nd day here, will post more food photos soon

Seafood? i mean Fresh Seafood? Youve come to the right place, on 6pm or 7pm so many Eat All You Can buffets do their set ups and you can see loads of seafood everywhere! Gawd those lobsters and clams Whew!

Night Time at Station 3 i think, eventhough it seems kinda lame in the photo, this place is so beautiful, imagine the trees with those lights and lanterns, i love lanterns <3
so pretty..ippu~

Fire Dancers are so cool..i mean hot! 
We went to Boracay January 27th Friday-January 30th, and it was the first Chinese New Year Weekend, we actually thought we went off season but the place was packed! it was peak season O_o Chinese, koreans, americans, ausi, etc more foreigners than filipinos..last time i went..there were no koreans and chinese, it was month of May. Anyway i love how the place seemed to be like a tiny country with all kinds of people :3

We stayed at Station 3, its a long walk to get to D*mall but not for us hehe were young and we like walking, you get to see everything while walking but if your not into taking long walks i suggest you stay in a place that is near d*mall and the pubs.

Next Post about Boracay
- the beach

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Sanders White (the place we stayed in)

-cheap 3,000 per night for a room with 2 queen sized bed
-filipino feel/kubo views
-polite staff
-the room is clean/bed sheets
-closet for your baggage and stuffs
-bamboo table and seats outside the balcony

-toilet is not so clean
-no soap, no toothbrushies, shampoo etc (but thats ok with me coz i brought my own, i dont trust hotel givies)
-no beach view
-station 3 (far from D*mall and bars) you can ride a tricycle though by going to the main road but the other side of the road which is cemented.

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