Hae Maru Korean Restaurant in Boracay

The food here is recommended!
The manager is very nice, his korean and my korean friend chatted with him for a while. We went in a busy crowded weekend lunch time, they ran out of beef, so we just got to order a little, they have meat (pork meat) but me and my other friend we dont eat pork. i think they also ran out from green lettuce wrap coz ours look very pale. Anyway i loved eating here <3

The kimchie is delicious and the cold noodle, the beef too, everything was yummy, and i also ordered rice lolz di nakatiis..i love korean food but im always not full after eating them unless its kimchie ramen ;) im a big eater i can eat a whole chicken by my self..i know..i know my weight issue but hey can you blame me? im half arab so i eat like one ahaha! gemmeh meat "laham" ill eat it and kabsah all of it, with matching Mirenda best drink for kabsah..oh back to the topic..

i was joking with my friends if they want to try live octopus and sea urchin, we eventually didn't. i cant imagine eating something alive, poor thing..im really a peta person if you know what i mean.

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