Rilakkuma Valentines ♥ pls click we need your help :3

Thank You so much to my 500+ friends who voted :) Voting is now Over ^___^

its my 1st time joining a photo like contest, will appreciate the support TT3TT
if you have 2 seconds to spare pls click to support desu :3

1. Pls like Rilakkuma Page (for the vote to be counted)

2. pls like my photo in Rilakkuma Contest, thank you ^^

if you have some time pls copy paste whats above and share on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, anywhere, if you did, let me know, i will be so greatful

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arigatou gozaimas minnah <3 Happy Valentines Xoxo too many hearts on this post hehe <3
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