i re-arranged them, my Cina Plushies are missing at the moment lolz, they were beside the bed table but i needed more skin care supplies and work papers, notebooks, etc on that table, so to make space i moved the kawaii stuffs to my wall mirror table, my cosmetics are in a closet, coz my room is just to bright, and the weather here is crazy, my makeup can melt or something so in order to be sure they wont, they are placed in my mini closet 

 kokeshin deska?

 Tare Panda, Korillakuma deska?

Anna Sui Mirrors and Kawaii Pens, Perfumes
but not all my perfumes, they are placed
on my mini closet top

And thats pretty much my child-ish kawaii side :))

the container under the pink kokeshi contains cookies and mini stuffs figures..
i dont buy any kawaii stuffies anymore this past few months, i bought makeup instead, these days maybe i wont be able to haul much makeup coz i haven't used even most of them, i might just buy me pants, etc and might save up, i need to save up, Boracay cost was like...Eiiiyaaaaaaa!!! hehe

i hope you gals are doing fine, i really want to visit Japan this year but i dont know if my bank account can manage it, i always need to save up before hand, i dont have sponsors lolz..i am the sponsor...menduksai~ sigh :3
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