Boracay Philippines (part 3): Haul Accessories, Shirts, Gifts ♥

This time lets talk about the Gifts you can buy from Boracay ;) The photos below are from the store that i bought most of the shirts from, the sales lady was really nice.

Finding Nemo? some Fishies for display and shells 

more for your house decoration, mostly hand made, i love the tiny vase...cute

Colorful Accessories

Neccklaces..really gives you the feel of the beach

loads of shirts, you can buy them P180 for two (the simple ones)


Native Bags

a store from just the main street between the beach and the other side of the the road.
lovely designs and i totally dig the necklaces, specially the ones on the upper-middle of the photo
Colorful Starfish, Coconut w/ silly cute drawings, fake crocodiles which i honestly think has nothing to do with the beach lolz and other keychain stuffs, there is loads of them in slippers shapes 

to protect your skin from the sun and to add some fashion, its 2in1 hehe

hand made designs and drawings. (cups, keychains, bracelets, necklaces) it can also be customized.

paper holder, reminds me of my grandparents house, it gives a spanish era feel into it

Shirts "Pasalubong"/Gifts

i like this one the most with bamboo Boracay

so lucky to find this one! i love it!

My friend bought..

P180 pesos for two

Accessories and Keychains

Super love them! P50 pesos only each, the necklace on the most right i forgot the price but its not P50 i think P100


3 earrings for P100 pesos, i bought 3 of these with different colors..
the two are for my friends Jen and Ah ram <3

Lovely bracelet for my aunt

painting art - hand made

YESHH lov it! one of them is for our friend Lean he plays Guitar hehe

cute seahorse chain, on the other side of it is  the same as
the slippers below with  a little crab,  sand, etc

real tiny crabs, i kinda feel bad for them..hmm

Pasalubong or gifts best for your dad or brother

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Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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