Fun Tag from Cris of lightbubblepop and 2 Awards from ire and Teli ♥

Thank you so much for The Versatile Blogger Award :"> i already wrote down 11 things about me below rather than 7 things hehe

Thankies :">

 My Top 10 Products right now 

1) Dolly Wink Liquid Liner
2) Mac Dollymix blush on
3) Tony Moly Lemon facewash
4) Nivea night cream
5) Tony Moly vitamin essence face mask 
6) Tony Moly Dear me BB cream 
7) Benefit High Beam
8) Skinfood Rice and black sugar wash off mask
9) Orange peel and L-Gluta soap
10) Etude House Black2 Volume Mascara and St Ives prods

Tagged by Cris ^___^


1. im half arab its up to you to think from where hehe and the other half is also broken into two (spanish 1/4, filipino 3/4)
2.  i love Korilakkuma <3 lolz
3. people often intimidated when they first meet me coz i have a terrorist aura? maybe..hehe
4.  im so lazy..i never do anything without a good reason like (drawing, learning an instrument) i only learn these if its a must lolz i like watching movies and eating instead of doing other stuff hehe
5.  i speak arabic when im angry :))
6.  i love to travel but i need money XD
7.  i like interacting with people who have the same interest as me, and new people.    mostly online or just once in a blue moon if outside.
9.  i dont like crowded places, i dont like commuting, i dislike elevators.
10. im always Hungry hehe
11. i have experience with ghosts, and gienies..but that was years ago, i forced my self t not see any of them again. i just hate it. one of having a conversation with a ghost! darn it. i thought it was someone i know,.it was too dark to see..he was not taking and i kept talking untill suddenly a creepy smile and his floating? =_= my sisters also do have experiences, like one of them..ghost whisper into her ears, and pull her hair. seriously?..scary. ok enough ;P

Questions from Cris

1.What type of music you tend to listen most of the time?
Alternative rock like Switchfoot but these days its just Shirota Yu and JGS? or   GJS? the guy from "your beautiful" drama.

2.Which do you like more lipstick or lip tint?
liptint i think?..hehe it depends.

3. What type of musical intrument you can play?
all basic: flute and drums.

4.What do you use more often on your face to have that clear flawless face Hi hi hi .
BB Cream ;)

5.laptop or desktop?

6.Do you still have an ipod shuffle 1st gen?
it broke :P you know VHS?
yuf i watched almost all Disney Movies with that ;)

9.what do people 1st reaction about you?
bad vibes aura coz i look like im angry when my face is neutral lolz

10. How's your heart?
it will be healthy hehe i mean more healthy i gotta stop eating fastfood :P

11. Have you experience planting a tree?
i have no idea if its me that planted the mango tree outside our house or someone else, but i did loads of gardening in our old house including planting sun flowers and roses :)

Thank You so much for the Awards and for the tag :D
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