Haul: New Korilakkuma and Kawaii Stuffs ◕‿‿◕

*insert glory tone* Ahhhhhhh~ Korilakkuma desssyoohhh!!

You probably saw me on a photo with the medium sized 17-18 inches Korilakkuma
i posted a photo on Etude Cookie and Lip Review ;)

Sonna kotooh purse-o~ *Nose Bleed~~~~~* lolz

Who da hell is Rafael? O_Olll
Bought this from Clippers Store

tadaaa be organized with cuteness! omooohhh~

there are actually 4 of them, but i gave the orange one away :P
my fave is the Strawberry then 2nd fave is melon

Below are some stuffs i bought from JapanStuff Closet like mid or end of Feb and still not arrived...=_____=

photo credit of Sweety Bear House :)
when ill receive my cup im sure ill just use it once and then after that its for "display only" hehe

List of the Online Shops and Stores

Toyzavenue Zhop - shop on fb, i bought the medium plushie sized 17-18 inches and got 2 freebies not just one! the freebie is a small korilakkuma and an ala Jasmine cp chain..omg she figured me out :O :P the seller is so nice and they shipped it fast too :D

Pooholic's Corner - bought the pouch from here, shes also nice and fast shipping ^^

WeLove ClayShop - 2 stationaries, the organizer, and 1 nail polish from "the face shop"
fast shipping and also a nice seller ;) you think i say that to everyone now lolz but really they were all nice

JapanStuff Closet - bought the Cup and coin purse, was going to buy 2 other items but they were not available or the other one was too pricey..anyway i wonder what happened to my order..she was the first shop i ordered from but still did not arrive.

Clippers - the pen and plastic 

Japan Store - the Cute notebooks, i bought other stuff too but they are just daily essentials like scissors, etc.

Mini Cup Noodle is cute i like mini me stuffs..its 3 inches and a half in height <3

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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