Magnum Like or Dislike?

So far i tried
- Almonds: Very Sweet
- Original: Right amount of Sweetness
- ill try the other flavors hmmm, cant get my hands on them

Truthfully speaking im not a sweet-tooth person..i dont eat icecream, maybe once or twice a year :)) im not exaggerating XD This is my 2 first icecream this year, just because of all the fuss i had to get them.

i just got curious, everyone is posting themselves on facebook with this thing! which made me think like "is there a contest in Magnum, u need to post ur self with it?" i have nothing against it but it got me puzzled, i also wanted to try it coz i missed it. 

The thing is its yummy yes it is but i easily get tired of the flavor and all..
its P50 pesos! P60 in 7-11 more than a Dollar, Corneto is just 20 pesos and honestly i like cones better than sticks.

Magnum is not that bad but i really think the price is just too much..ill buy it for 20-30 pesos but not 50! i can buy Italian Gelato for only P60-P80 pesos.

Family Magnum History: When i was living in Saudi my mom was "nglilihi" she was craving for Magnum when she was pregnant with our youngest sister. Me and my other sis Phatz we used to buy her sacks of them from the store, and im not sure how much it was back then..the color of the packaging was Blue back in 1995.

i Wonder What yall think about this though :)

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