New Pets! Baby Bunnies is LOVE

Welcome to the family
Left: Alichu Grey (girl)
Right: Fluffeh Vein (boy)
the names are a combination of what i wanted and my sis zai hehe
i thought of: Alichu and Fluffeh
she thought of:Grey and Vein

so we just combined them as first and last names lolz

Fluffeh "areehh..nandeska?..."

worewa...ike men desneh? chottoh..watashi OTOKO desneh?..

Run Now..XD i cant run i still think your cute Alichu XD

They are so adorable but dont be taken away by their cuteness..Fluffeh is really something, when he drinks water, he splashed it on me, thank goodness i was wearing my glasses lolz

They run like crazy, kick and stuff..Fluffeh likes to munch on everything he sees..
Alichu likes to play hide and seek which is insane..

and yes droppings 24/7 and the pee is worse than their droppings lolz..tiring but despite it all SUGEEH KAWAII TT^TTdosheyoo =P

P.S. sorry if im not able to post as many as before, my laptop was broken and im kinda having some trouble with my business >_< busy busy etc...

Thank You for all the followers who continue to comment and read my posts T^T honto ni arogatou gozaimas~

Anyway..Dont U just LOVE bunnies? X3 
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