Review: Tony Moly Fruit Princess Gloss no. 5

From Left to Right: Numbers 1 - 7 (mine is no. 5)

choosing: i admit that i chose it base from the design not the color.
And Yes i bought this coz i love cute packaging...(im not a lip gloss person)

Kawaii desho? i love characters with the =3 expression lolz
the Peach Princess pen is also lovely i collect cute and unique pens
ill be reviewing the lip liner in the middle as soon as i can :)

The Bottle and Applicator

swatch: the color is peach, much like my skintone

Wearing the Princess Gloss alone
i always wear either Lipstick or Gloss, i never wear them both. Im not a lip gloss person because i think its too un natural and sticky. But i really liked this one 
it looks like my lips only better hehe

(from for no. 5 princess gloss)
Description:5kinds of fruit extract - symbolize moist and fresh fruits * Strawberry, peach and pomegranate - extract * Shea butter / gives elasticity & moisture
Directions:Take the appropriate amount with the tip of the tail 2. Evenly applied to part of upper/lower lips 3. For more shiny gloss, do not rub your lips together and the
Product info
♠ Price: P378 Pesos / US$8.84
♠ Size: a little above 2 inches
♠ Where to Buy: Tony Moly Stores or SM Dept store
   For buyers from abroad like US and UK you can buy from ebay, im not sure though if this is available on too

♠ Super Cute Packaging! 
♠ instant Gyaru-ish lips hehe :P
♠ Handy dandy tiny
♠ smells delicious
♠ does not have any taste into it, if your not into gloss with fruity flavors this will suit you
♠ staying power is quite good
♠ not so sticky, a little creamy too

♠ nothing i can think of

i love this gloss xoxo

Will i repurchase?
i will try a different prod but the packaging has to be so cute too. this gloss will last me forever since i dont wear so much gloss

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