Collective Haul + Body Essential Gift from Hollie

i wanted to post these as soon as i can but i was too busy, so im posting it as a collective haul ;) Stuffs i bought from 2 Anime/Cosplay event, Etude event, Landmark, etc.

Lovely body essentials that i got from Hollie of
Thank You Hollie :D im loving the blue and orange cologne, the asian secret, eos, and the lotion,  i haven't tried the rest yet :)

From my Dad and etc

:"> the box of chocolate, perfume, samsung tablet, and a beautiful arabian designed candle holder. i bought spf lol so random and of course Korilakkuma <3 its a phone case :3

Korilakkuma and my cold chocolate drink <3

Cute Haul from Tama Matsuri Cosplay/Anime Event
Purple Hair Spray, Super Mario Mushroom Necklace, and 3 book/notebook mark, i just bought a little coz this day i also bought stuff from Etude. The bookmarks are so kawaii omg onigiri and strawberry also tako des <3 The pretty box  is from the shop i bought the necklace :) 
i bought them from different shops , all shops posted here: 

Kawaii babies from Ozine Fest
i still didnt post the event yet coz im waiting for the photos, but i will surely post about it soon ;)

The Stickers and Dragonball Card were prizes from games i played during the event :3
Chocolate rose and strawberries, also strawberry plushies, etc

Kawaii Hat des neh? its from this shop:
i did not try to wear it out yet, i mean its so hot outside lolz ill post my photo if i do wear it :D
this was the last pink/black cat from the shop..lucky me! i always buy the last piece in almost everything =_=
its not that big, its a medium sized bag, will post a photo of me wearing it, i haven't used it too, i duno how to use this in public to be honest..people in my place are chismosa they might say im too old for this, just to let you guys know i chopped the tail out lolz i want it w/o the tail hehe 

le a sir~ lolz

Etude Event, Landmark, Watsons, etc

MEMEME Blush on yay! ill be doing a review soon :)
Lipstick Organizer :D Made in Korea
AC Clinic, ill try to review it. Some samples from Etude and a cute bee happy pen :">

i like how Loreal is only a hundred pesos and the set of 6 combs are for only
P40 pesos which is less than a dollar ;) 

The Brandless Brush that everyone is talking about, because i dont go
often to Landmark, i toke the chance to try it out, it looks like Sigma
somehow and its for $2 or a hundred pesos i think, i always forget the
prices. Anyway its soft and im loving it although there is some bleeding
of hair at first but its ok with this price.
cute little lippie from hbc and a lighter that my dad gave me
he got it as a freebie lolz and its too girly so he cant use it.
Love it! Violet and checkered ! Are You Kidding me?!
Lovely Etude pen ;D i love pens hehe
Dont Buy this one! im giving it away, too damn rough to use..
im going to clean it with Johnson and Johnson to see if it will
get any softer. i thought i lost my Sigma brush so i seareched
for a temporary one before i purchase a new one but i found
my sigma the next day yay!

Love the Design <3

Me sporting My new Shades coz i lost the purple one
i bought last January, i lost it in Batangas T^T

Military Babe!

i forgot to mention i bought a 100ml of Sunflower from Human Nature because my 50ml has ran out, i love that prod ;) whew what a long long post!

amz mood

sleepy and i want to go to Boracay again..vacation pls! i need to arrange my table..again. =P
i cant wait to get my Korilakkuma stuffs :"> its so hot this whole month of April is Hot Hot HOT! im 24/7 thirsty.. 

♥ quote of the day 

-Dont say sorry, be sorry. - amz
-You cant find something you dont believe in. you have to believe first. - amz


Korean Drama - Love Rain
Anime - Fairy Tail

listening to

Arab United, Disney Songs Arabic version (Aladdin, Pocahontas, etc) 

Whats Next?
-i want to re-visit Ocean Park for the sake of jellyfish and the water musical show
-i think im getting new shoes yay!
-i want to do something but im not sure what it you know that feeling? hmmm...

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