Movie Review: Battleship

*insert my british accent without any good reason im talking british today lolz* This Movie is on my Favorites List Now! i love it! if your boyish like me, you will like this ;)
the only thing i didnt like is the love story :)) i mean it was like blaaaah cut the crap already..where the heck is the battleships?..very girly am i? hehe. This movie for me is better than "Wrath of the Titans" And honestly i wished they hired Sam Worthington as the lead man and instead of Rihanna..its not that i hate her but i think Michelle Rodriguez is more fit for the character.

-Not boring
-Guns guns guns!
-Battle ship and aliens!
-The story is cool too
-Love the 2D (3d sometimes gives me a headache)
-Classic marine warning ei captain
-Rihanna fans..she is in this movie!

...just realized everything i pointed out is already in the trailer :)) 

Michelle Rodriguez photo from the movie "Avatar"

Rodriguez is also my moms spanish grandfather last name which is my mom maiden name ;) 

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