Movie Review: Mirror Mirror and My To Watch List

i always watch like dozen of movies, Korean and Japanese Drama, sometimes anime, but i cant review them all due to hectic schedule :P

At first youll think this is a movie for kids only and it might be boring, but on my side before i chose to watch this i was looking forward because i love comedy and fairy tales, and yes i do enjoy the fashion, makeup and all classic thinggy.

The movie is hellah worth watching if your also into comedy, i watched with my family and we enjoyed it :)
i picked this over "Titanic" because i dont enjoy sentimental movies like Titanic, and my sisters ages are 15, 17, and 19, probably they wont appreciate it, but other people might enjoy it, Titanic is a classic.

Snow White Eyebrows issue, its thick yes but there is a reason behind it, maybe to make her look younger, classic, and also to give the audience something to remember.."the thick eyebrows".

The prince is my new crush, his funny and adorable! and also handsome...half nude XD

Anyway this movie is "Recommended"

My Movie List
♠ Dark Shadows - Tim Burton and Johnny Depp of course ill watch! but im a bit skeptical because Tim Burton have not tried comedy yet

♠ Snow white and the Huntsman 

♠ The Expendables 2 - Chuck Norris and Arnold! R u kidding me? i have to watch this!
♠ GI JOE 2 - the mountain climbing ninja sword fighting got me excited
♠ MIB Men In Black 3

♠ IceAge 4
♠ Madagascar 3
♠ Despicable Me 2 - oh man 2013
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