Review: Etude House MiniMe World Traveler Collection - Limited Edition Ms Twinkle Spain

i do not own this photo, all rights go to the owner, i just saw this one online

Oh My Gosh! i so love purple and this Spanish dress, her look, and the beauty mark too!
its just so perfect for me i couldn't resist! not to mention the scent! Perfecto parfum!

♠ i really wish they can sell like 30ml and 50ml it will be so handy coz i find this one too large to place in a bag

♠ i was wondering if they have Ms Korea, because they have ms china and japan but where is ms korea? 

P678 or P698 pesos / $15.74 -$16.20

♠ Super Duper Cute Packaging!
♠ the collection is very girly and lovely
♠ not so strong scents like eau de parfums that can irritate sensitive noses

♠ lasting power is just 1-2hrs i think because its not a strong perfume, but other than that its lovely
♠ you have to be careful, it can crack or break, my suggestion is use a travlo

Will i repurchase?
i want to try other prods/perfumes from EH ;) 

Description from Etude Site
100ml Moisture-based aromatic body spray supplies moisture, fragrance and nourishment to hair and body. 

From Left to Right (Names/with my thoughts)
Ms Japan - Citrus Floral, more on floral side, reminds me of the perfume Happy by Clinique
Ms China - Citrus Floral, more on citrus side, stonger smell than ms japan
Ms France - Floral, a light floral girly girl kinda reminds me of another perfume, the scent was nostalgic
Ms Spain - Sweet Fruity Floral scent my fave! i dont like citrus scents or very floral ones, i like a funky one hehe
Ms USA - was not able to test it out, if you have an idea pls tell me what does it smell like, comment below ;)

Question: Have you tried any perfume from Etude? Whats your Favorite and why?

Question2: if Your going to choose based from the review above, which from the 5 scents you want?

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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