Some of my old and new photos of nature and more

Batangas (Preview) Click here for more:  Batangas Philippines Beach Photos 

Just wanted to blog and share some of my photos. All i use is Digi cam or phone camera, someday ill buy me an slr for sure, Maybe this year :) Lately im feeling too down to use my digicam to take photos like these, the latest photos i toke is when i went to Batangas and Eastwood.

i love taking photos i just dont have the right camera yet T^T Anyway i have loads of albums on my facebook, its like more than a hundred ;) ill try to save some of them and share here.

Batangas Philippines Beach Photos - i like these photos, they are very inspiring, its like i want to take more photos

Boracay Philippines Beach Photos  - not exactly the great photos, just all the random ones, ill post the  good ones soon.

if your also photo spamming or like to take photos of nature like me, leave a link below :)
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