Travel: Batangas is Love

ive been to Batangas several times :D
-with jen and our  friends
-with nikki and the gang
-La luz resort with the gals
-White Coco beach camping? with paula and friends
-And this so its my 5th time or 6th, i think i forgot something anyway enjoy the photos ;)

i just love the beach, staring at the sea, feeling the salty breeze and so on..enough drama hehe

The Cottage

The place is indeed Lovely, me likey <3

What to expect?
-Comfy seats
-Cute Cottages
-Big Pool, 1 kiddie pool, and 1 Jacuzzi 
-Live music performance using native instruments, Live acoustic/alternative rock band which i really enjoyed

The place is not always packed, we went during a holiday thats why its crowded. This is a private resort for homeowners of Laiya Landco.

i always loved riding a boat and roaming around the beach, no matter how many times i do it. the last photo is a public beach i think, im getting good at taking photos *evil laugh*  :P

They told us there is an island with a Bat Cave, so we went, going there was fun and kinda tiring, the way going there is so rocky *balboa* joke :P anyway must be careful, and as you can see its beautiful too, quite a sight to see. The cave is stinky and you cant get in, we have no flash light and were not sure if its safe,  i dont care about the bats, i mean its ok if i dont get to see them, the breath taking scenery was relaxing and cool. Lord how awesome is your creations always stunning!

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