Versatile Award from Val and 7 Random Facts About Me

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7 Random Facts About Me
 i believe in a Happy Healthy relationship called "L.O.V.E"
 i accidentally used a body lotion as a hair conditioner XD ahahha my whole family laughed their asses off! damn..i woke up early and was too drowsy and stuff so the result is this..swapping conditioner with a lotion lol
 i dont like reptiles..
 i love nature and recycling, i do recycle some stuff my self ^_^ and plant sometimes
 im partly Black...thought i dont look like a black girl, imagine if im black..i'd prolly look Sudanese
 i Love Slacking..eating, watching movies, hanging around the beach with a cold drink <3
 i can only sleep in 1 position, coz i suffer from "Paralysis Sleeping" if you know what others call might get scared. ive had it since elementary, i have a stress issue and Lucid Dreaming issue but im alright =P 

Tell me 7 random facts about you too ;) comment below :D

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