Ala Korean Fast Food Bon Chon Chicken Round 2

Hey Gals :D so i went to Bon Chon the 2nd time around like a long time ago, i think last month or before that omg! i love the crispiness of the food here and how its unique, its very sauce-full. i tried their beef but it was too sweet for me so now i tried squid, and of course chicken. 

What i love about this place is you can choose the part of chicken you want to order, like wings, thigh, drums, etc. its all up to you and its on the menu, you just have to pick, unlike other places what they serve thats it. im a person who specifically cant eat wings and breast parts, i only eat thigh, drumstick, leg.

And i also love the price! this is a nice place to eat good chicken and some korean food *thumbs up*

The Food

*insert french accent and i dont know why* Ze Krizpee Chiikeen~ Bon apetite ~

squid meal - it still has that fishy smell and taste
kinda "malansa" maybe coz im used to sauce-less squid rings?
But i liked it :)

Tofu Salad something hehe, nothing special
i think more carrots could have been better or something else
i Like the Tofu though

Yummy! with Spicy Sauce <3

Mogu Mogu
a Good Drink for people who like Nata but i dont lolz i just
bought this for the sake of trying its too sweet for me >_<

The Place

Me eating hehe

stolen shot

oh someone is looking at me O_O its YOU! XD

Hi ;) ahahaha


QUESTION: Which One is your favorite?or which one do you want to try?

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