Boracay Philippines (part 4): Food Trip

Bite Club Grilled Burgers
i really love the burger here, and its pretty much american size, not the usual mini asian burger sizes if you know what i mean hehe, anyway i love the sauce, i chose the hot one but i forgot the name of the sauce, it resembles the taste of hot arab sauce.
They Deliver! you can stay relaxed in your hotel and just call, the place is located in D'Mall

Blue Cheese, Wasabi, Quickmelt cheese, dang everything!
please click the photo to enlarge

YUM! Mushroom and pepper sauce :)


Yellow Cab pizza Co.
i know we have it in manila, but somehow we craved for pizza!
its a very small  palce, cute
check this out cool boat (photoshopped) but he still did a good job
if i was not a Graphic Designer, i'd be convinced that this boat is for real
my friend Aram phone, yup shes korean, i dont understand anything lolz

4 in 1 

i always loved the chicken pasta here but i always end up not finishing it
"nakakaumay" kasi hehe

Lechon we missed eating Filipino food and rice..lets dig in Lechon, BBQ, and Chopsuey (vegtable)

Shawarmai loved the shawarma here! main street, little booth, near the Eat All You Can events

Buko Juicefresh! clean but not cold..

Eat All You Can!
6pm onward all restaurants setup some tables and chairs, and its Eat All You Can time!
Prices from P330 less or more

Warning not all food are worth the pay, you have to see inside what they are offering at first. We chose a place with Grilled Oysters! and Chicken BBQ..Yum!

Bitter Lemon, little fried shrimps, kang kong, Tuna Fish, Pinakbet
my veggie plate, a lil fried chicken too, chicken adobo, iced tea

Mini Crabs which i didnt eat beacuse its annoying :P
some shells, i wished they have sea snails
"Suu-something" it sounds kinda ye know kasi hehe

Super Yummy! Drolling right now~

Lets get some ICE!
Gelato Store on the main street near our place! i wished i bought some! my friends bought some gelato so early in the morning when we just woke up, but ill get an upset tummy if i eat this with an empty stomach. Pistachio flavor!!! OMG!!! WHY!? TT^TT
i didnt get the chance to buy during my stay, immah go to Gelatissimo! grr!

ICE MONSTER! RAWR! its cheap and its yummy! too sweet for my taste though :P

Crazy Crepe! i have a separate post for this
Click Here:

Exotic Local Filipino Street Food
isaw, tenga, bituka, etc. i cant remember if there is any balot

Chicken intestine, pork insides, pork ears, blood, balot is an egg with a fetus inside.

usually the foreigners they always dare each other to eat "Balot" the fetus, you can search on youtube, i think you can find some there.

Anyway im excused i cant eat or drink anything with blood like Dinogoan "filipino dish all made out of blood" i think were vampires lolz!

The funny part is Aram our Korean friend, hid when we went to this store, shes hiding the whole time, till we finished eating "isaw-chicken intestine" YOLO! XD My friend was teasing Aram that he will make her eat those things lol so she hid like a ninja.

Long post huh? hehe i decided to post it all in just one, Eat What You Want! but not too much ;) a strict diet just frustrates the heck out of me hehe, my friend Jo is going to Boracay this coming week, man i miss that place so much <3


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