Currently Watching: Love Rain (Korean Drama)

1970 Theme is so least to me hehe

Loving the background story theme! 1970s, even if i am a 1980's kid im still curious on other eras lolz their pants really reminded me of Scooby Doo cartoon.

Anyway the other lead actor guy in the triangle, he reminded me of Ji Hoo and Hiro Mizushima, like a mix but more on Ji Hoo <3 and i researched..he is "Kim Shi Hoo" and i learned we share the same year 1988 and his 5'8 or almost my height, also he was first introduced in the movie "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" which i just re-watched today May 2nd hehe, its still a great movie.

You can tell by now that im really bad with korean names :P

The lead lady in the current year, her pony hair and get up somehow reminded me of Arriety from "Arriety the borrower" Ghibli Studio movie. 

The back story toke 4 Episodes, i skipped some parts >_< coz its like i know whats gonna happen next.
Ep 5 was amazing, im loving the last part of Ep 5, and Ep 6 nice music Alisha Keys ;) ok ok i will not spoil anything, just watch it gals hehe :D You must watch this, it made my heart go gaga over the first kiss damn...

im a fan of Jang Geun Suk Acting and Music, his deep voice, his getting better and better in acting too! His fashion on Ep 10 is too girly with high heels..anyway i liked his fashion in "marry stayed out all night" series (which i didnt finish) i have a habbit of not finishing Dramas lol. But im not a fan of his face, i mean his features are ok but his totally N-o-t my type, how can a guy that looks like my nephew be my type? lol and kinda looks like my half brother only my half brother is tanned and buffed (Jersey Shore type) lol

im waiting for Full House 2, gotta love the lead actor of Full House 2, bishonen mode again! wooh! i forgot his name.. XD 

i wonder if your watching this too or what dramas your watching right now? :)

i want to buy from Nature Republic anything lol just for the sake of it, even if i dont need anything :P i wonder whats the best product i should get, any suggestions? ;D

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