Gala at Eastwood with my family

We went to Eastwood 3 times lolz in 2 weeks. The first time ive been into the new mall because i have like a phobia, i went here for job training 2008 and it was ok, the new mall was finished end of 2009, but before it was finished i had 2 job interviews but didnt like the company/work offered. The thing is when i was having my exam im not sure if i was on the 9th floor or 11th...Earthquake! i thought i was just dizzy from all the Photoshop and Illustrator but was an earthquake, and that day was pretty creepy coz its dark outside and thunder..gosh!

And ever since then i didnt go to Eastwood Libis again...But here i am visiting after 2 1/2 yrs! Well Earthquake and thunderstorm is pretty much normal here but i dont like tall buildings..the more higher you are the more you feel the earthquake.

Enough babbling lets Go! =P :D

Cute ala One Piece Jumping place and funny horses XD

lovely scene, i didnt dare though to ride inside that hamster ball as i call it lol its hot..

la la la~ i feel like im in Europe XD

My sis Fhamz

sis Zai

le me...oppsy im wearing a gun necklace <3

my sis Fhamz said that seeing the skeleton wont makes her appetite go down
and she kept complaining about the music and the theme of the place coz
shes taking up HRM so shes like...what is this place...its clear she didnt like it.

nice presentation but food Thumbs sis can cook better and its pricey 

we had no choice coz Dad wanted Seafood, the place is called Seafood Island i think

before watching "The Avengers"
im going to light this up hehehe :P

Left: Fhamz / Right: Minah

Minah and Me (no lipstick or balm omg) the leftover chocolate on my lips
im still drinking my sb chocolate drink here lolz

Spamming my face all over lolz, no nose-line omg!
frappe mode ..left some chocolate on the side of my lips :P

Thank You for Visiting :">
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