Mochi Creme kawaii and oishi

this lady is so nice, and i love what shes wearing, shes like on cosplay everyday hehe :)

looking good yum! sometimes they get sold out too fast

kawaii <3

Ube mochi and ice cream yuminess!

nearest Location to my place is SM Megamall and this is beside the cinema area

mochi ice cream! its so yummy! and whenever i eat this i always remember the anime episodes which they tell you eating mochi is dangerous hehe because its so sticky it might get stuck in your throat. "Daily Life of High School Boys" anime feaatured mochi soup. "Kill me Baby" anime featured this, the ninja character died lolz it was just for fun but you know i kinda think they might be right, but not just in eating mochi but everything, chew it properly. Now i want to find some Dango, does anyone know where can i find them?

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Mochi Creme Branches
-SM Megamall
-Abreeza mall
-SM City Davao
-SM North Edsa

About Mochi
Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling.
Originally created by Lotte, as Yukimi Daifuku in 1981, the company first made the product by using a rice starch instead of sticky rice and a type of rice milk instead of real ice cream. Mochi ice cream is now an internationally recognized food. Current marketing names include Mikawaya's "Mochi Ice Cream" in the United States (also used by other companies), which began production of what is now known as mochi ice cream in the United States in 1993. (from

there is a festival for Mochi in japan, one of what i saw online was held in Okuma
Mochi history is very interesting, they use a huge pot and hammer to make the mochi 
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