New babies: Snoe, The Face Shop, Etude, Accessories, etc

i already dyed my hair w/ Etude. And this End of January i dyed it using a Jap prod Prettia, will have to post about them soon. im not sure if that day at SM if Etude was having a sale. i bought the Etude things from Eastwood..sayang :P

Etude Styline Eyeliner (Retractable) 

The Face Shop Hand Cream, i really thought it was cute when i first saw it online and that time it was not launched in Philippines yet. i bought this on sale! i was able to save P100 pesos SM Megamall

Snoe Products! Finally i got my hands on them! i really wanted to try the Lotion with Collagen and vitamin E. the mask..ehem! it was also on SALE! i think i saved P50 from each, so for 2 prods i saved P100 pesos :P

Anyway the reason we went to Megamall is to buy a headset converter and pair of pants for my acquaintance, and result is i still bought some, Gosh i really need to be on a shopping ban, i spent alot on stuff-toys already >,<

Reviews soon :)

Some Accessories bought from random shops, Stalucia dept store and an antique shop in Manila Ocean Park.

POP nail polishies, bought from Art Work, i dont recommend these if your not going to use a colorless after, the purple one is matte finish and i so love the poppin' color, then i realized my color-less is drying out so i didnt use it, it chipped right away, in just few minutes it chipped O_o lovely colors but must use color-less ><

Wallet from the store "Humans" i bought it for P150 instead of P250 from the Labor day sale at Megamall. i was really planning to buy a wallet from this store in another branch but since i walked across it in Megamall i toke the chance! SALE eh..naman! :)) i was not able to shop that day, people are scattered like ants and i also finished shopping the other day.

The face roller im looking all over for! and bought a new nose shaping kit, strap perfect too, coz im having problems with the strap trying to fall on the sides, but i dont want to tighten them too much because its uncomfortable.

Korilakkuma Book Mark Accessory but i will wear it as a pendant?
its kinda too small for a pendant, somone told me to buy a 2nd one and
convert it to earrings but im too old to wear kawaii earrings hehe :P

 from Art Work store, kawaii <3 now i dont know
what to do with it but display >,<

some cute hair ties from Eastwood night market, if you gals 
go there, there is loads of things you can buy from Earrings, 
Brush Sets, Makeup, Bracelets, tops, pants, etc.

Did You Gals try anything from the first picture? if you did how was it? :)

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Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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