Review: Prettia Hair Color (trying out)

1. Put Bottle 1 content to bottle 2
2. do not shake just gently mix them as seen in the video above
3. put on gloves and an old shirt and towel for your shoulder that you dont mind getting dirty with hair coloring or a plastic cover like the one they use in salons for shoulders
4. place a petroleum jelly on your forehead and if your messy like me you can place some on your back, neck area, under your ears, in areas you dont want the coloring to reach
5. color your hair~
6. wait for 30minutes (i suggest an hour for the color to really stick)
7. Use the treatment
8. Use Shampoo and Conditioner specialized for colored hair to make your color last

me..hi? :))

My sister Zai...hi 5!

i received this hair color from a co-blogger, thank you so much :)

i just wanted to get rid of the blond color left on my hair from last year, and it did a good job but because my blond color is kinda far from the center of my head because my hair got longer, the color was only kinda vibrant on the blond side lolz, which is fine because its not that visible anyway.

i did not use this alone hehe my sister zai and someone else also used it, it was like 1am, my flight is 11am to Boracay beach, i wanted to get rid of my blond-ish hair strands before i can go to the beach, so i used this in a rush.

this made me want to buy Prettia more! or try another color, and i did! i bought Etude Red Wine the other day. will post a review next week or so ;)

Btw i tried a hair spray Purple! and will review it first then the Etude ^^

♠ easy to use
♠ it works
♠ does not harm your hair or sting your skin
♠ fun

♠ not available in some countries but can be bought online
♠ curly hair is much harder to manage/color than straight hair but im pretty much sure most of you have straight hair so it wont be a problem ;P

Will i repurchase?
its kinda pricey and only sold online, Some other brands are cheaper and sold locally so i will try them instead, unless there is a color i really like from Prettia i will surely purchase.

Q: Did You try Prettia? im pretty much sure almost half or more than half of the bloggers used a Jap or korean hair color ;) what brand did you try and what color? if you didn't try it yet what brand would you like and which color?

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