Banner Banner on the wall and updates desu wa~

Hi gals  
i changed my layout to make it less boring hehe, and im also planning to update my banner, but i have no idea what to do  Should i try putting my photo? or events into it or something hehe will decide that while on the process of creating the banner. As of now i have no time 

Will try to do it asap, so many photos in line for editing too

Did you notice the kawaii cursor? =3

♥ GIVEAWAY ALERT! ♥ to be posted next week :D 

Please feel free to leave any suggestions, arigatou nya~

Soon to be Posted
-ToyCon 2012 (day 1)
-BIG: Korean Drama review

-Snoe Eyeliner
-Snoe Calamansi Mask
-Garnier Scrub
-Etude House Hair color Red Wine
-Etude House Night Pack 
-Etude House Hair Treatment
-Etude House Liquid Eyeliner
-Etude House Facial Masks
-Skinfood Masks

amz mood
tired, just attended Toy Con yesterday Friday June 15th

quote of the day
Think Less, Feel More; Watch Less, Do More. watch less people do their thing and do yours. or watch less dramas..nooo i cant do that omohh~

BIG - Korean Drama, im Loving this drama! omg omg doing a review soon 
Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou - Japanese Drama about a Yankee Boys School and a rich girls school. its not that great.

listening to
Kurage Hime closing - Kimi no Kirei ni Kizuite Okure by Sambomaster. 
Sadly i did not find any manga of Kurage Hime from the ToyCon yesterday *Frustrated*

♥ GIVEAWAY ALERT! ♥ - to be posted next week :D 

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