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1. Thank the person which nominated you and link to her blog.
Thank You so much Ada for being such a sweetheart hehe :)

2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog poped-up and what makes you continue it.
It all started when i wanted to blog about my trip to the launching of Adobe CS5 in manila, i think it was May 2010, but i didnt continue because i was so busy with my office work. 2011 i became interested in makeup and kawaii things, but i only posted after i read many blogs, i liked reading then i started to post too ^^

3. Describe a usual day of your life:
Wake up - Breakfast - Work (in home) - Lunch - Work - wait for guests - dinner - watch movie with my sisters - Browse the net including reading blogs - watch Kdrama - Sleep :P

4. The best collaboration with a blogger:
i have not done anything like it before but sometimes ive met few bloggers but if there is any collaboration i would love to do so with Gyaru bloggers or Goth Gyaru Fun Photoshoot ;)

5. Worst collaboration with a blogger

6. Explain what having this blog means to you:
it means so much, my family and friends know i blog, and i really like blogging because i can write down my experience about the things im into but nothing so personal because its a public diary.
After few months or a year i can look back to some of my posts and say "ohh thats what happened or what i used to feel/think". And i love the fact that i can share thoughts with other girls about the same topic im into, and i also met some of them already :D *Happy* i also love taking photos so this blog makes me more inspired to share them :)

7. Nominate other 5 bloggers 

i really wanted to nominate more, i mean so much more! coz i love lots of blogs! 

Thank You so much for Dropping by~

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