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i will be honest i dont know their names in real life lolz and neither in any Dramas ive watched, im always bad in remembering names, specially korean names. They kinda all sound the same to me =P so its hard to memorize. Anyway i googled the names XD

Main Cast
Character Name (Real Name)
Seo Yoon Jae ( Gong Yoo)  
Gyung-Joon's (Shin Won-Ho) 
Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung)
Jang Ma-Ri (Bae Suzy)

its about a 
soul of an18 yr old  boy entering the body of 30 yr old man; they switched souls. Youll be seeing a 30 yr old acting like an 18 teen which is cute and funny. 

About the Actors, my thoughts
i know some of you may recognize them. i know Gong Yoo from the drama "Coffee Prince" His acting is great and cute, his facial features are also unique.

i always like to call him Aga Mulac of Korea because his charm or looks sometimes reminds me of Aga although im not a big fan of Aga because you know..generation gap but i still think his cute. Did You ladies see Christopher De leon when he was so young in his movies? grabe ang pogi pala nya! kaya pala patay na patay un mama ko, they have a photo pa nga. Oh Back to Korea Drama mode..ehem ehem! 

Bae Suzy, i know her from the Drama "Dream High 1". i did not watch Dream High 2 because i dont feel like watching a drama with the same concept or setting, although the story line might be different but still the original Dream High is my thing!
Did you know that she made a movie with one of the actors from Dream High? i dont want to watch, im going to be kinda jealous, the guy is my crush =P 
Her acting is also great but im not liking her character, shes always the spoiled brat, but i guess it suits her. i love her new hair she looks like Snow White Korean version!

i heard that Shin Won-Ho is well known but im not a fan, his younger than me lolz and maybe his in Kpop? i dont listen to Kpop so much. its my first time to see this guy act and also Lee Min-Jung, Min-Jung is pretty, i love her features but i still think that  Shin Min Ah  is the cutest among all, and the actress Gianna Jun is the coolest! Although they kinda look alike :)

You must watch this if you love Kdramas! i so so love this series! Currently there is nothing worth watching out there, thank goodness i found this ^___^ 

QUESTION: Do you watch this too? What do you think about this drama?
What is your favorite korean drama?

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