Etude House Bubble Hair Color no. 4 Wine Red

Hi gals,

How was your weekend? i hope you had a great time :) 
Mine was a happy malling friday, lazy saturday, and foodtrip lazy, baked cheese macaron, and bulalo, roasted chicken, pansit. Gosh i really need to start exercising but im too lazy my self. Anyway lets get this review started ^_^ Btw i left the coloring on my hair for an hour.

  The Packaging  

looks cute, i hope it will turn out cute :)

i understood everything! lolz nah its all written in Korean. i have no idea..

  Whats in the box  

the plastic cape and hand gloves, the coloring i used last time has no cape so im pretty much impressed.

  The Process  

i just followed the photos
1) Place Product (1) to the bottle
2) Do not Shake but mix it mildly and then press the cap, bubbles should come out
3) Start from the center of your hair going down
4) Your hair should look like your shampooing it

TIP: You can use the box for the bottle, thats what i think it is hehe

it looks Purple right? same as the coloring i used last time it kinda also
looked purple

For More Information: the Process Should be same as this one below, i can not find an Etude House Video, but if you know where i can find one please comment the link below, thanks ;)

  The Result  

Right After i washed my hair with the Treatment

Sorry about the messy hair i just woke up anyway i was so surprised to look at my hair in the sun with orange color?! No Worries it faded away after i washed my hair again.

Left / Before: me with my usual makeup look, the black hair makes me look more arabian and the eyeliner
Right / After: with Etude Hair color, indoor light on the left side of my hair looks wine reddish, on the other side is my window, so my bangs looks orange-brownish.

i look matured on the left photo and 10 yrs younger on the right one, i think hair color and makeup is the reason, on my next post youll see how my hair is doing these days :)) ugh my picture on the right made me look like i have no lips, bad angle T^T

♠ easy to use
♠ it works
♠ comes with the gloves and cape
♠ fun

♠ felt so hot on my scalp, kinda itching and a little stingy but thats how coloring works, nothing really bad though
♠ my hair was super dry after i colored it, like sooo dry, but when i used the Hair Treatment it went back to life, omg magic? i love the hair treatment that i actually bought the full size

♠ the color might look not what you expected at first but then after you wash your hair its all good
♠ Packaging all in korean

♠ wash your hair and comb it a day before, do not wash it the day your going to color it, so that the coloring will be more effective
♠ do not use any products on your hair the day your going to color, no hair oils, srays, etc
♠ let the coloring work for more than 30minutes, 40-45 minues should do, if you have thick hair i suggest 50-55 minutes.
♠ if its really itchy or unbearable, wash your hair asap, something might be wrong, and we do not want anything tragic to happen to your hair and scalp
♠ find a partner in crime, someone that can help you color your hair if your hair is long
♠ comb your hair before coloring it
you can also use the comb/hair brush they use in salons for coloring, it is sold in Watsons

Will i repurchase?
Yes! Other colors maybe after few months i want Hot Red but they still dont have it, if my new work will allow me to color my hair hot red then i will :)

 from Black to Wine Red on Curly Hair
indoor/window light

it did work but its a shade or two less than the one on the packaging
but i bet if you have a blond or light brown hair to begin with the result
will be same or much more red than the model on the packaging.

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