Haul: Cuteness overload! & Belated Happy Fathers Day

Hi gals :) 

How was your weekend? i hope it was either relaxing or exciting hehe or shopping galore! 15th dibah :P and also Fathers Day :) Happy Fathers Day to your Dad, Grandpa, Husband, Brothers, to every male you know who have a son or daughter lolz 

My dad is currently not in the country, so we were not able to celebrate but during his stay here we treated everyday as a fathers day, missing dad T^T

Anyway before i get all emotional lets see whats in this post hehe..oh btw here is something to make you feel better coz its a Monday, i need this too :))

Stuffs i bought last week, and i already posted about "The Face Shop" VIP Club 20 Card but i still need to do a review soon 

i posted a review on Garnier Pure Active Roller

i kinda bought stuffs again this weekend and ill post about it too, my haul from Toy Con, Gloomy Store, and Etude House 

 Got my goodies from Suesh! Super cute nail tools! Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, seriously my thing! Cute puff and a blending sponge, im a happy girl, Thank you Suesh 

 Firmoo Eyeglasses for me and my sister Tim, the pink one is mine the purple is hers 

 Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma Stuffs, Nyanpire, Studio Ghibli, Sword Pen, etc.

 Majolica Majorca Blood On Limited Edition Balm
 Garnier Pure Active Roller and Scrub
 The Face Shop VIP Card and Samples
 Snoe Liquid Eyeliner
 Random stuffs Cologne, oil blotting sheets, solubilizer 

Suesh Goodies ^___^
Majolica Majorca Blood On XOXO~ hehe
Jumps into her bed! Lets go Kawaii Swimming!! Lolz :)) 

Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma <3
Kokeshi Dolls Stickers, Rila and Kori Envelops, Sentimental Circus, im in bliss!   

im seriously not sure if i can write in this notebook, its too pretty! 

Kori and Rila in France, Bonjour~

Tayaki anyone? oh btw if you know where i can buy Tayaki in metromanila
pls tell me :D

Macaron Dai Ski~

amz mood
Sleepy, its a rainy day~ i want to eat fried chicken while watching a movie~ Bzzz~

I must resist! Shopping Ban! Shopping ban! i always say it but end up buying...ugh ill lock my self nalang hehe

quote of the day
Stay Calm and Hakuna Matata! Live, Love, Laugh! Pray, Eat, Love!

There is a difference between people who are trying to correct your attitude. And people who do not listen and make an attitude out of the subject.

Re-watched Mirror Mirror Yesterday
Last week i also watched couple of Eddie Murphy old movies including Dr Do Little 1-3 and the one he was named Dr Sherman.
The other day i watched 5th Element, i always remember watching couple of scenes from this movie when i was small, im so glad i watched it! i love Mila and Chris Tucker!

yes i do watch loads of movies and sometimes Korean or Japanese Dramas *im so Guilty*

listening to
Nothing omg! i just have LSS for the lyrics...Hey i just met you and this is crazy...
every time i hear it ugh...Brain Y NO Stop? :))

QUESTION: if you have anything from the items in this post, how was it?
What is your favorite item from this post?
share your thoughts ;) leave a random comment if you want, anything nya~

To My New Followers and to all my readers and friends on blogger
Thank You so much~ Arigatou Gozaimas nya~ 

Please Like and follow me, thank you ;3
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