May 2012 is over! Pictures of The Sisters Diary

Loads of SB this April & May with family

Ultra 7 Cinema Eastwood - Dark Shadows

Lazy couch = check! almost like a business class airplane seat hehe

Free drinks n' popcorn and so refills = check! served, you dont need to get up
my lazy ass from the lazy seat =P

Privacy = check! only 60 seats in this cinema, and there is a right distance
between your seat and the seats on your back and front, you dont have 
anyone beside you, 2 seats beside each other isolated lolz best place for a date?

lolz finally went for a derma care session, hurts so bad that i want
to regret but then...No Pain, No Gain.

at The Kebab Factory ;)
Guess where am i? its snowing and cold as heck! smooch~
Mina and me le duck face OK U CAN SHOOT ME NOW :))
me and sis Zai the Sudanese African lookin' Hollah!

MIB me and Zai, no we didnt watch it lolz
last year photo of Fhamz 
Mohawk Curly hair lolz looking Egyptian much?

amz mood
i feel like shit =_= i have me period, i have migraine, busy with business, and one of my sisters is giving me a hard time. i want to go somewhere this Monday, this weekend i cant its raining hard and im not feeling well..darn. Anyway can you believe it? its June already O_O time fly by...and its not good for me coz i dont like getting older T^T

quote of the day
Hey Dog wana roll?.. :)) XD

Re-watched Fantastic 4-movie 2, Because of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth :P
Re-watched Tim Burtons Corpse Bride <3

listening to

Whats Next?
im planning to be more productive this June
-finish my damn portfolio
-exercise more
-Out of town or beach again for relaxation hehe
-Shopping ban :<


1.Think Less, Feel More
2. Frown Less, Smile More
3. Talk Less, Listen More
4.Judge Less, Accept More
5. Watch Less, Do More
6. Complain Less, Appreciate More
7. Fear Less, Appreciate More

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