Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Why Did i watch this?
Because of Charlize and because i am curious on Kristen and Chris acting skills. And because of the effects and i love fairy-tales and old english setups.

My reaction on my facebook page too:


is lovely, i really love this era of queen and kings, old english, fashion, style, charisma, and poise.

The story is great, closest to the real life, even the setting, it does not look like a fairytale so much but more on old english side which i like, the thing is they went really slow on the start which made the movie a little boring, then went so fast on parts nearing the end. i wish they did the reverse.

2D Effects
Kind of lacking 8/10; why? some effects are so unreal looking, its like 2 years ago. but most effects are lovely like (Spoiler Warning: the Mirror, the golden human cloth thing. and when the queen stood up on fire)

All great in acting except snow white, she still lacks some expressions, i cant believe she can not even cry.
Charlize Theron acting is soooo moving! i love her so much! and her husband in real life lol
the actor playing the role William is hotter than month of July! his kinda my type. 

Do i recommend this?
Not really, its an ok movie but not one that you will be talking about it for a week or so with your friends. Watch this at home. or just watch it because of the same reasons i did

Other Issues (Spoiler Alert)
I just notice that they used some references same in some Studio Ghibli movies, like the Deer God thing in Princess Mononoke, and the Queen turning to a crow then flying back to a high part of the castle, like in Spirited Away.

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