Nyan Nyan Hat n' Bag plus More Stufftoys =3

Me looking silly :)) XD but i cant help it hehe
the hat bought from Chikara Hats
bag bought from  
Devangelic Shop

Added last week i think..from Online Shop Princess Ash
-Rilakkuma Glass
-Rilakkuma Strawberry (i wish i can find korilakkuma too)
-Korilakkuma Soft Pillow
-NyanPire Small -Freebie Kiiroitori Chain

from the online shop 
Vieann Arvie Chinkoowesh Padua
-Tare Panda 
-Korilakkuma Keychain x2
-Nissin Cup Curry chain
-Half Panda Puppet

Oh My Cuteness!!! kyaaaa~

Ive emptied my upper shelf to arranged my plushies
half of them are inside already, half in the laundry

i need more space, will separate the big ones from small ones
so i could just grab the big ones whenever i want and put them
on my bed and return them w/o destroying the arrangement of 
the small ones

amz mood
i want to go mini shopping because i need some stuff, i want to watch the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman" 

quote of the day
Dont be too kind to everyone they might take it the wrong way..

Acchi Kochhi - anime; so funny cute and lovey dovey
Chronicles (2012) - Movie; it was an ok movie

listening to
Snoop and 7 Nation Army 

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