Ozine Fest 2012: Cosplay, Japan Culture, etc

Hi gals, so finally i had some time to edit the photos hehe, late post >,< this event was held two months ago, and yeah i kinda been MIA last April-May; busy summer vacation, my dad was in the country for vacation and i had so much business to attend to.

The event was awesome! Although some parts were not as i expected it to be but hey it was still fun fun fun!
Cosplayers, Kawaii things on sale, japanese food, school booths, summer festival booths, the ones we always see in anime and wonder how it can look in real life. Toy collections, Drawing contests, Gaming events, Maid and butler Cafe, doll collections, horror booth, Band contests, Karaoke contest, etc.

I went on the first day of the event :)

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Enjoy ^_^

[RANT] The only thing was upsetting about the first day is the Maid Cafe, i dont have a problem with the maid who served us, she was so cute and adorable also friendly. We decided to take a photo which is paid, then we came back to pick it up and i was surprised! it was a close up? Huh? its like a shoulder shot of me and the girls, i mean seriously i paid for me and the girls who are in the maid costumes right? The final photo just looked like me with couple of friends. You can not tell they were maids from a maid cafe, the dress or anything else is not visible because its a close up, if i knew the final photo was like this, i would not bother to pay for it in the first place.

The Butler Cafe is letting people in as soon as they see a vacant table, but do they have anyone to serve us? No. i understand that they were short with people but still i hope they did something about it or improved their system and photo booth on the second and third day.

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me hehe

trying to tell the photographer to hold it this way


i love this box character ever since i saw it but i always forget the name
anyway a box can be cute too! hehehe



Loads of designs to choose from :) i also got the chance to try a raffle

raffle mode

free pin hehe


wahh cool right? my friend wishes to have one of these but its expensive

Drawing Contest, my 2nd friend joined here but in the 2nd day ^__^

*Video of a cool gaming set-up, pls lower the volume before you play, thanks *


The peepz were super friendly :D arigatou neh? ;3


i did try the hoop thing and got 2 out of  4 in :D i got me a DBZ Card, 
and a Fairytail sticker from raffle box thing you see in anime lolz

fish catching, i felt bad for the gold fishies, i could not possibly play a game
like this after all :<
They ran out...eiiyaa lolz

No i did not try the Horror Booth =P

Soba pan <3

Kyaa~ Kawaii onigiri dai ski <3

I was going to buy drink but then they said its Free! cool, Royal Sponsors rocks!


its me looking too Asian :)) XD


i visited SM Megamall on Sunday with my family and decided to see
 whats going on, the place is packed 11am
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[NEXT] next event is Toy Con 2012 June 15-17

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