2NE1 thoughts, Awards from Ada, New Theme for my blog and update desu~

Hi Dollies 

ive been really busy and i really missed blogging  so today im going to edit couple of photos left for my up coming post, i already edited for the Etude House reviews, and i will be posting it shortly, then i will post about my week 

Lately ive been liking Alpaca, kawaii neh? They are so popular in Japan right now, i saw it months ago but i was kinda busy with Korilakkuma, then it captured my attention

Do you like the new background and banner? im so conscious on putting my face on the banner, i scratched it away and changed the banner. i also felt the background is too plain so i added some personality into it. i feel like this blog tells more about me now and im going to write a FAQ post soon 


The Awards from Ada, when i receive an award for my blog, i feel really happy and blessed that someone thinks about me and my blog awwww   Thank You so much Ada and to all of you who gave me an award previously desu 

2NE1 New Album and Dara shaved hair

ive been seeing this for about a month now or few weeks but did not get the chance to share. Finally! Dara hair looks cool! i mean seriously i never liked her hair in any of the Music Videos in the past, im thinking to my self "why are they making Dara look silly?"..its always CL looking so fine! and speaking of CL i heard it was her idea to shave Daras hair, nice one CL ;)

My Personal thoughts about this Music Video
-their voices have improved a ton specially CL and Minzy

-Dara Hair is Awesome!!! Shaved and the Pink Jpop styled hair woot! gradient love :)
-the tone of this song is not catchy..im not so crazy about the song..i like "i am the best" and other previous songs rather than this one.

-im not loving the Scooby Doo era hair CL is wearing..but damn shes sexy in that black suit, you go girl!
-Minzy looked so feminine in the start of the video, kawaii but she looks older in my opinion and her dance, i love her dancing skills
P.S.- im not a super fan but yes i am a fan ;)

What do you think about the new hair of Dara and the Music Video?

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Good Luck Everyone ;)

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i gotta go edit the next post now ja ne~ 

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